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Savings Certificates


CD account high-yield savings

A Savings Plan for Long-term Growth

Savings certificates, also known as certificates of deposit (CDs), pay the highest dividends at WPCCU. These accounts work just like a savings account, but have a few restrictions so that you can earn higher dividends. For example, if you withdraw your funds before the certificate matures, you’ll forfeit the dividends earned. Still, these accounts provide for a good savings investment for long-term or short-term strategies, helping you grow your money. And remember, your accounts are insured up to $250,000 by NCUA. 

Certificate accounts are also a great way to invest for the future. With initial investment of $1,000 (Non-promotional certificates only), you'll earn substantial interest and dividends compounded daily and paid monthly. Savings certificates may be used as collateral for consumer loans (exceptions to IRA Accounts). Plus, with our Flexible Share Certificate option, you can make up to three additional deposits and one penalty-free withdrawal.* Ask us for details

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*Early withdrawal penalties may apply to savings certificates. With a Flexible Share Certificate, you may make up to 3 deposits per each six-month maturity period and one in-branch withdrawal up to $750 per month without penalty.

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